con build ConBuild offers world-class construction development solutions to help your company meet all your needs. Our engineers, project leaders, planners, and managers have a proven track record of implementing state-of the-art development methodologies and managing the delivery of best-of-class services on time and within budget.

  • Mission

    mission * Pursuing regional leadership through the positioning of the company as one of the main players in all the activities it carries out, as a means of boosting its competitiveness, maximizing value creation in relation to its clients and steadily attracting talent to the organization itself. ** Being supportive to local businesses and social activities, friendly to the environment as well as being proactive in the socio-economic environments.

  • Vision

    mission * To be a highly competitive contractor, in the field of integrated construction services in the region. Being committed to our clients ,success and sustained growth while bearing responsible development of the company itself.

  • Value

    mission * Ethics - Committed to integrity, honesty and fairness Reliability - Trustworthy partner to our clients. Quality - providing international quality standards. Safety - Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our employees, clients and the community. Personal development - promotes organizational performance and rewards their success

* construction site is a place that can be full of danger for those working at the site. Not wearing the right protection or just turning the wrong way can result in a serious accident. So, in order to ensure .


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